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We offer all the essential adult toys you might wish for, as well as Our Passion Project's reknowned Mystery Box. 

The Mystery Box is the perfect way to introduce some adventure to your love life and also makes a great gift.  Our Mystery Boxes for adults ship in a variety of price categories and also cater for Guy + Guy, Girl + Guy as well as Girl + Girl. 

Each box contains a carefully selected collection of sex toys and cards - which contain facts and challenges to unlock your sexual adventure.

If you're just looking to explore and find some inspiration, we suggest starting with our Best Selling Sex Toys and Accessories.

Our Passion Project is a South African only adult toy store that delivers discreetly nationwide.

Whether you're looking for a vibrator or dildo, want to explore anal sex or BDSM, we have something for you.

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Romance Mystery Box

Spice up your romantic life by surprising your partner with our Romance Mystery Box.

Packed with a selection of adult toys and romantic elements, and tied off with at least 3 of our Mystery Cards - each card will have a fun fact, romantic idea or a challenge.  

The Mystery Box is a sure way to inject some adventure into your romantic and sex lives.

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